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5 Phone Charms [Giveaway]

Phone charrrrrmies : D ! Finally finished the designs. Please look here for information on ordering them.

[Giveaway information:

TWO people will be chosen to pick any one charm of their liking. Do not worry about shipping fees. You can like this and reblog it as many times as you want to count as an entry. You MUST be following this blog (you can unfollow afterwards if you want, I dont care. OTL;; ) You may reblog this on as many accounts as you like, but note that if your blog is chosen, it must be following mine or I will chose someone else. Winners will be selected on a random number generator.

Deadline: July 7 (may be extended later) ]

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    My phone doesn’t have a place for a cell charm, but I want Madoka or Korra.
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